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Hi Chuck-

I am very pleased with the GBs.  The GB allows me to easily hang an instrument in a backroom closet where it is unlikely a burglar would look.    I attended a police sponsored home security seminar last year and it was pointed out that burglars rarely spend more the 5 or 10 mins in a home so it is unlikely the bad guys would spend a lot of time in clothes closets.  A bad guy might open a closet door and quickly look for a rife sized gun case hidden in a closet.  But instruments hanging on GBs do not show themselves since they don’t sit on the floor of the closet but hang unobtrusively between articles of clothing.  I completely enclose the  GB with a long coat so it is completely hidden.  

Guitar Bar System

Counts Brothers Muscle Shoals Alabama

Overhead Guitar Bar display guitars for sale. 

Guitar Bar System


Guitar Display Hanger For Home Studio Store Warehouse Stage

Guitar Display For Home Studio Store Warehouse Stage 

Our patented design safely holds and displays your guitar on our rack, closet bar or your bar system.  Guitar  cannot fall off and works with electric, acoustic and 4 string bass guitars. One piece metal construction with padded cover, safe for all guitars. Assembly not  Required. For Home, Studio, Store, Warehouse, Hotel Room or Stage. Fits all size Guitars, Bass (4 string) Mandolin, Banjo, etc. 

Two sizes

Short 9.25 inches 

Long 12 inches 


The Guitar Bar System accessories / options are designed to work with the Guitar Bar Hanger. 

1) Black cotton guitar sleeve cover

Keeps your guitar clean while hanging out the Guitar Bar and adds security keeping it out of sight. 

2) Custom aluminum guitar rack.

Satin black painted rack designed for use with the Guitar Bar Hanger. High quality, safe display from home to concert stages. Custom sizes can be ordered. 

The complete system will provide secure guitar display & storage for home, store, studio, warehouse to stage. 

Options - Materials 

Hanger material, solid metal rod with guitar safe padding. Plastic end caps. 

Guitar Bar Hanger Options Materials  

We have three options for padding.

Ethylene vinyl acetate: This is the same material used by Fender, Hercules on wall hangers. Considered safe for vintage lacquer & nitro finish. 

Polyurethane foam: safe for modern guitar finishes and widely used. May not he suitable for vintage lacquer & nitro finish. 

Cotton.  For collectors, we can custom fit either of our hangers with a custom cloth sleeve. Priced per order. 


Excellent product! Sturdily made,easy to use,nicely padded to protect your instruments. I highly recommend the guitar bar hanger.

Alston's Boutique Apr 29, 2018 12:16 PM

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