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Ministar guitar Lestar Castar

Ministar Travel Guitar: This iconic travel guitar with a built in amp has been and continues to be a top selling brand since the 90’s. We represent the complete line of base, electric and acoustic guitar’s. Original Bob Wiley design’s manufactured by original company Muse Korea.

Bootlegger guitar

Bootlegger Guitar: This 3 year old company has sold guitars and tube amps to customers all over the world. The 3 tube amps Blues 5, 15 & 30 have the look and tube saturation of expensive boutique brands but list under $500.00. Seven new electric guitars will be introduced in 2018. All at list prices at or under $400.00


Guitar Bar Hanger

Our patented design safely holds and displays your guitar on our rack, any closet bar or your bar system.  Guitar  cannot fall off and works with electric, acoustic and 4 string base guitars. One piece metal construction with padded cover, safe for all guitars. Assembly not required. For Home, Studio, Store, Warehouse, Hotel Room or Stage. Fits all size Guitars, Bass (4 string) Mandolin, Banjo, etc. Recent Guitar Bar Hanger Reviews 

Reverb sales review 

Excellent product! Sturdily made, easy to use, nicely padded to protect your instruments. I highly recommend the guitar bar hanger. Alston's Boutique Apr 29, 2018

Fantastic seller, outstanding idea and product! April 10, 2018 by John's Gear Emporium 

Excellent product, excellent communication and customer service!!! March 16, 2018 by Jose's Gear Emporium 

Watch our 67 second demo video Home Store Studio Warehouse Stage Coming soon Guitar Bar System accessories are designed to work with the Guitar Bar Hanger. Taking orders on the new rack holds up to 8 guitars. Metal, rubber feet, portable

We are the new Tesla USA distributer

We are the new Tesla USA distributer 


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